Bring your life and work to the same table in a consult group with Deb Montgomery.

Beginning soon, you can look forward to an opportunity to:


  • Be energized and supported in your work through consulting about clients.

  • Find the space to process a hard or great week at home with your partner, kids, or solo.

  • Receive and offer support with the ups and downs of all aspects of this work (including clients leaving, choosing your limits, and managing money and fees).

  • Gain a more robust picture of relationships, vocation, creativity, and longing through connection in a group of like-minded individuals with different perspectives.

When      Weekly meetings for 16 weeks
Beginning late spring 2016


Fee           $55.00 per week*


Who        Therapists/Counselors
Max 5 group members, min 3 group members


Time       Tuesday 6:30pm-8:00pm  
                  or  Wednesday 7:30am-9:00am


Where    5325 Ballard Ave NW, Suite 211, Seattle, WA

*A special rate for the first participants in a pilot group (for the first 16 weeks).


For more information get in touch with Deb

As a therapist in my own office it can be isolating work at times. I have deeply appreciated the community, companionship, and consultation this group has provided. My practice and the care I offer clients has only improved knowing I am not in it alone. I think a consult group is a must for all of us in this profession, and I cannot recommend this group enough.

This group [of women] have become my colleagues--providing support and understanding in the midst of an often lonely profession. But they have also become dear friends, tracking me from week to week, knowing me beyond my work, and rooting for me--making my life and work so much richer. I highly recommend it!

As a therapist in private practice, I go to my office, I see clients, maybe I see a colleague or two in the kitchen. It can be lonely. Having the group to text and touch base with throughout the week feels like having virtual but very real colleagues to ‘go to work with.’ It’s a game changer.

I am so grateful for the Life/Work Consult Group. I feel meaningfully known, tracked, and held by Deb and the other group members, and the consistency of the group mind has been powerful for me. It's a relief to have their kind company in the often wibbly-wobbly, sometimes isolating, pretty much always messy mix of the personal, relational, and technical work of being a therapist, not to mention as a business owner in private practice and the other work we each do in the world.

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What participants are saying about Life/Work Consult Groups with Deb:

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